Receive (4) of the Annual Service Maintenance Package and (4) of the detail package for $309.95

Package 1

Annual Service Maintenance Package:


Replace engine oil (factory recommended weight)

Replace engine oil filter

Inspect fluid conditions and fill to correct level


•Washer fluid


•Brake fluid

•Power steering fluid



Rotate tires

Set tire pressures

Inspect front and rear brakes MM


FRONT  R____ L____

REAR    R____ L____


Clean brakes and adjust rears as needed

Inspect air and cabin filters

Inspect drive belts

Inspect battery terminals and clean as needed

Inspect exhaust pipe and muffler

Inspect suspension and steering

Inspect fuel filter for replacement intervals

Lubricate all latches and hinges

Reset indicator light

Affix maintenance reminder sticker

Road test

Detail Package:


Hand wash, wax and dry

Rim and wheel cleaning

Tire dressing

Vacuum interior carpets and floor mats (including trunk)

Clean windows in and out

Strip clean interior door panels, dashboard, trims and moldings


Trucks and SUV's ... $10.00

Pet hair, sand, mud extra ... $10.00 and up