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Go with the best, synthetic oil changes are recommended every 4 months or 5,000 miles. Request synthetic oil at your next service and recieve $5 off!
(synthetic engine oil every 5months or 5,000 miles)
Honolulu Autoworks makes it simple! For you, our customer, family and friend. Our service maintenance intervals meets Hawaii's extreme driving conditions, climate and weather. We recommend your engine oil and filter be replaced every 3 months or 3,000 miles (synthetic oil every 4 months or 5,000 miles). We will replace your engine oil with valvoline quality brand oil providing only the best! Performed by an experienced certified technician.
While we believe in the youth, we believe your car deserves peace of mind, certified experienced technicians not only performing challenging, technical repairs, but also changing your vehicles engine oil and filter.
We will also top off all fluids, inspect all your belts and hoses, inspect tires, inspect tires and wear patterns, inspect brakes (providing true measurements), inspect your steering components, suspension components, intake and exhaust system, inspect brake lines and hoses, inspect air filter, cabin filter and wiper inserts, inspect timing belt recommendation interval. We will inspect your vehicles transmission fluid condition, brake fluid condition, coolant condition and power steering fluid condition for burnt or varnish features. We will inspect your spare tire condition and tire pressure, check all your lights and horn operations. You deserve our services and we are truly thankful for your business. Only at Honolulu Autoworks you will experience dealership services at independent rates! Try us to believe it and we promise you, we will earn your trust...

Prices below does not include tax and fees, performance engines and synthetic oil are higher, speak with one of our service consultants for more information

4 cylinder engines.................................   $49.95 
6 cylinder engines.................................   $59.95
8 cylinder engines.................................   $69.95
Diesel Engines starting at..................... $99.95


Where most independent repair facilities refer you to the dealer and fall short, we excel. Honolulu Autoworks specializes in all electrical concerns. Here is where we seperate ourselves from the rest. Our diagnostic scan tools allow our technicians to pin point the areas of concern. Once determined, our technicians will probe to confirm a failed component. Fixing your vehicle and getting you back on the road. 
We know major engine work can be costly and add up. Cylinder heads, short blocks, cam or crank concerns can accumulate an expensive parts and labor fee. We can save you money rather than replacing a whole engine assembly (long block). This type of work takes an experienced mechanic with the right tools to get the job done. At Autoworks, our years in the business allows us to utilize our specialty tools in combination with our experience to address these repairs.  We'll get it done on all domestic and asian imports and certain european makes and models
Our ability to access performance, OEM or aftermarket clutch parts offers selection and price. Our professional advice will be tailored to your driving conditions. Our competitive labor rate will allow you to save.  Our work will be guaranteed for 12months or 12,000 miles (due to workmanship or material of all manufactured parts). 
Print this page and receive a complimentary inspection of your vehicles brakes. At Honolulu Autoworks our brake inspections are measured in millimeters by it's thickness. You'll receive a complete breakdown of your vehicles brake pad or shoe thickness, rotors or drums thickness and run out. We'll inspect all brake lines, brake components, seals and gaskets. Providing expert advice of what's needed now or in the future. 
Print this page and receive $10.00 off all Fluid exchange services (does not apply to any oil and filter change services). At Honolulu Autoworks, you don't leave with just a service, you leave with added protection along with your fluid exchanged services. A peace of mind warranty coverage and backing it 100%.